How do you enter.

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Go to and click on “Enter Now”. If you have ridden the cycle challenge before, your details will still be on the data base. Enter your name or ID number and you will find your details.

If you are riding for the first time, enter your name and surname. Click on search and then on “Add New Person” (bottom of the page). Enter all your details. Note that you will be required to buy a timing chip.

The following is for both first-time and previous riders. Enter your name and surname, and click on “Continue” or “Add New Person”. When you get to the page on joining a charity bond at the end, just before your payment, click on the green “Join Bond/Team” button (right bottom corner). Under “Group Name” enter Muscle Riders (Muscular Dystrophy Foundation Gauteng). Under “Leader Surname” enter Scott and under “First Name” Robert, and search. You will find our charity bond Muscle Riders (Muscular Dystrophy Foundation Gauteng). Click on “Select” next to our charity. You will then be entered into our team and you can proceed with payment.

Looking forward to creating a lot of awareness, as well as securing much needed funds to assist those in need. We sincerely hope that you will support our organization again.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me.

Robert Scott

Business Development Specialist

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