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Heinrich Stroebel

Heinrich Stroebel

Heinrich Stroebel is a professional cyclist based in Bloemfontein, coming from such a small town becoming a professional was always going to be a challenge, but with the support of his family Heinrich has managed to travel to the big races and as a junior rider, represent his country on the Track with a gold winning performance in his first national championships on the track. Heinrich went through many tests in his career, one being missing out on selection for the World championships in 2010 but coming back later that year to claim 4 National titles and to keep bringing in the results as an elite athlete in the following years.

Heinrich then managed to secure a contract for two years riding for Team Intellibus, National ranking track team as part of their endurance program and has raced internationally on the road in Europe.

After the dramatic loss of Heinrich’s team mate Jeanne’ Nell due to a racing accident, Team Intellibus has decided to end the continuity of the team from later this year.

Altough, Heinrich has decided that even with a busy racing schedule and looking for a new team that he has the time to ride for a purpose at this years 94.7 challenge , and will be riding with the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation and enjoy his time as a “Muscle Rider”!

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